Zulu Culture
Zulu Food, Amazi and Beer
Zulu Food
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 Beer crocksAlthough all other food is shared, amazi is considered a delicacy and may only be consumed by family members. It is largely milk, allowed to curdle in a gourd or basket, the whey being removed through a hole in the base, when it is refilled with fresh milk. After consumption, the vessel is immediately refilled and is never cleaned.


Brewing of beer is the duty of the women. Coarse sorghum and maize is steeped in water for a day. On the second day, it is boiled and dry sorghum added and the mash allowed to cool. On the third day the brew is filtered through a sieve and served and consumed on the same day.

Natal South Africa 2010It has an alcohol content of 3%, is refreshing and nutritious. The brewery is distinctive amongst the huts of the kraal in that it is only semi thatched, allowed the smoke from the fire to escape and ensuring a good supply of oxygen to the mash.


The Zulu culinary repertoire encompasses some forty dishes, mostly vegetarian (although the Zulus love meat). Maize, tubers and pumpkin are mostly eaten in different forms. Tomatoes, cabbage and onions are popular when available.

Eating is hygienic, each member using his own plate and utensils. Hands are washed before eating and mouths are washed after.